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Frustrated girlfriend gives away boyfriend’s PlayStation 3 console and games on craigslist

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Apparently a frustrated girlfriend has given away her boyfriend’s PlayStation 3, three controllers and some games on craigslist. If you’re reading this to claim them, then it looks like you’re too late.

The post, which was put up in the San Francisco area said that she “Warned him, it’s me or the video game addiction”. The phone number is an actual number, and the post seems perfectly legitimate. Until you look closer, you may have spotted the picture of the games “collection” is from a February post from the “One of Swords” blog, which is ran by Activision’s community manager, Dan Amrich.

It could be that she doesn’t have a camera and just thought “Sod it free is free, they won’t complain.”

The post, which has now been removed could simply be fake to gather phone numbers and emails. A few guys on NeoGAF attempted to contact her but to no avail. If we hear any developments, we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

12 comments on “Frustrated girlfriend gives away boyfriend’s PlayStation 3 console and games on craigslist

  1. If my girlfriend ever “warned” me of any such thing, rest assured my testicles would already be sitting in a test tube somewhere.

  2. so she said it’s me or the video games…he clearly chose the video games…and she then sneaks into his house when he leaves to give away the video games that he chose over her….hilarious if real but why would anyone trust anything on craigslist?

  3. Guess I’m lucky, my girlfriend is just as much of a geek as me, in fact she bought half of my PC components :D

  4. she’d better get ready for some serious hardcore brutal shagging then as if my gf did that she’d be raped to death.

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