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FPS Showdown — E3 2014 Edition

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After last year’s next-gen hardware obsession, it was refreshing to see so many great games announced during this year’s E3.

My main focus during the E3 shows, were the first-person shooters. Above you’ll find my video detailing all of the FPS games presented on the E3 stage this year, with my own personal opinions provided via commentary.

16 comments on “FPS Showdown — E3 2014 Edition

  1. Adding more annotations AS SOON as YouTube lets us!

    You can find our E3 2014 playlist, with all of the trailers mentioned by
    Mack, on our channel page!

  2. R6: Siege and Battlefront from the FPS roundup.
    Otherwise, The Division and The Witcher 3 overall.
    Almost forgot about GTA5 on PC. ERMAGERD!

  3. I most looking forward to Destiny. I’m huge fan of the old Battlefronts, I
    have played them so much. I’m just a bit wary with DICE and EA having it.
    I’m thankful it is coming back at all, but I hope they stay true to what
    the series has done so far and build upon it, not just a reboot or
    Battlefield Star Wars skin.

  4. Rainbow Six Siege looks to be the first proper first person game in the
    series since Raven Shield and I can’t wait!. 5vs5 no respawn round based
    gameplay? eSports worthy setup.

  5. The FPS side of future gaming isn’t that appealing to me.
    With that being said, the 3rd person side looks amazing.
    Witcher 3 as an adventure game, The division as the action game and
    Uncharted 4 as the story masterpiece.


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