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25 comments on “FPS News — BF4 Update & Battlefest, Boss Key, Borderlands 3, Titanfall DLC

  1. People preferred conquest small since there were too many problems with
    64-player – lag, rubberbanding, etc. Battlefest has nothing I want – double
    XP is no big deal since ranks are worthless. The camo no one can see
    anyway, and battlepacks are too filled with uses things like emblems, and
    there are so many attachments I will never use, the random nature makes the
    chances of getting anything I want to be pretty slim. I have the destiny
    beta, and I’ll be playing on that instead.

  2. What Randy Pitchford actually meant: “Destiny raised the bar too high,
    making Borderlands 3 would be too hard.”

  3. Ewww, fuck Nexon. They’re Pay2Win and they dont give a shit about their
    community. This can be seen with their ‘hit’ game Combat Arms.

  4. Does anyone play Titanfall?…the lack of depth in the game made me
    uninterested after a while…shame.

  5. there are 2 and a half million players playing bf4, there are 3 gaming pc’s
    1 on the 800000 people wins, and must be a very good video.
    so no dice fuck you

  6. My prediction about the Borderlands Presequel – They are making a game to
    just shove out the door and will hype it up, people will hate it, then
    Borderlands 3 will have lower expectations.

  7. I’m so tired of seeing comer dials for the pre sequel and want them to just
    make the third B lands


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