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FPS News — Battlefield Hardline Fixes, Operation Breakout, No Man’s Sky on PC & More

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Hitting us today with the latest first-person shooter news is Zynov!

Battlefield Hardline has detailed upcoming fixes; CS:GO gets a new expansion; No Man’s Sky might be coming to PC; and Sony’s Yoshida has AAA worries!

25 comments on “FPS News — Battlefield Hardline Fixes, Operation Breakout, No Man’s Sky on PC & More

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    a comment to let us know!

    Well done Zynov on his first episode of FPS News!

    – Mack

  2. I understand that this is more of a battlefield channel but it’s called FPS
    news & he covered dlc for CS GO but not the dlc that dropped yesterday for
    PSN on CoD Ghosts. Sure ppl hate on it but it’s still the biggest FPS on
    the market at least make an effort to not be biased towards a game.

  3. lol, no man sky was made for the PC first, and then they said it would come
    to the ps4 also.

  4. I honestly don’t give a toss about FPS games…they’re all generic and
    similar to each other, i rather play strategy games like X-com, Civ or
    total war or FTL.. or indie games like Don’t starve or kerbal space
    program.. or even Hitman, Saints Row or Mortal combat….after i think
    about it, FPS is the only genre that i don’t give a fuck about because
    nothing changes in it… Generic story with a young/old white dude going to
    shoot some talibs or afgans and becoming a war hero in process..woohoo such
    fun… and in multi its just mindless shooting…Only FPS game that i enjoy
    is CS Go, and only story in a shooter game that got me interested was the
    one in Spec Ops the Line…although that is a 3rd person shooter.

  5. Great job Zynov! Keep swimming with them Megaladons.

  6. Yoshida is right AAA has became to popular with a few exceptions like dayz
    rust minecraft and hotline miani have done well but now days to make money
    you have to be a AAA or just a bland fps like cod and bf

  7. The market is too flooded with either FPS or indie platforming games.
    Survival games are somewhat rising up as a popular genre but I would like
    to see some more 3rd person games and RPGs that aren’t shooters

  8. Hardline was fixed?
    You mean they are scrapping it?
    The whole game just feels. *Wrong.*
    Like, they evacuate THE ENTIRE LOS ANGELES because a bunch of robbers
    started shooting? And then the police destroys half of the city to kill a
    few robbers? And the cops are armed with RPGs?!
    It just feels out of place.

  9. Am I the only one who doesn’t like indie games, especially on next-gen
    consoles? They just always seem to have incredibly repetitive gameplay and
    don’t keep me entertained for more than a couple hours tops. And while the
    pixel-style graphics of a lot of them are cool, once you’ve seen it on one
    game you’ve seen them all. I’m not hating on indie devs, I respect what
    they do, but I just don’t buy into the indie craze like everyone else does.

  10. I had no idea no man’s sky wasnt anounced on the pc, it seemed obvious to
    me that it would primaribly be a pc title. I think I will be released
    anyways but maybe sligthly later. Even if it doesnt, I’ll still buy star
    citizen whenever it becomes atleast semi-done.

  11. Yoshida is only half right
    there’s a huge market for games like Gone Home or Miami Hotline too

  12. Yoshida’s tripping. Im not sure but i think Loadout on Steam, is a pretty
    awesome title. I dont believe it is AAA. That game is super fun. It helped
    in my rehab to get me used to Keyboard and mouse now that im on PC.

  13. I agree with Yoshida. People are too focused on AAA titles and graphics. I
    wish games like Jak and Daxter would come back but Naughty dog is AAA now.

  14. Nevermind i’m an idiot, when I first saw this on my tablet the sources in
    the description weren’t showing up.

  15. I don’t think Yoshida’s overreacting or anything. Everybody’s saying CoD is
    a shit game but it sells really really good, so you can’t argue with that.
    Also, I’m liking FPS and got a real tunnel vision for those kind of games.
    Since I got Playstation Plus, I started playing more different genres and I
    have to say I really like the other games as well. I played games I would
    have NEVER bought myself but damn those games where really good and they
    weren’t AAA games either. My point is, you should try some other games by
    looking on youtube for gameplay and/or give it a try lwith Playsation Plus/
    Gold Member / Steam Summer Sale or whatever. You won’t regret it since you
    get a lot of cool different games that will sometimes will amase you.


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