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FPS News — Battlefield 4 Fixes, Hardline Promises, Destiny Rated & Even More Halo

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Join Lupus as he covers the latest first-person shooter news!

Battlefield 4 is getting a new update, with CTE features implemented; Battlefield Hardline is bigging itself up, hoping to impress; Destiny gets rated and its budgeting is cleared up; and there’s another Halo game coming, in addition to Halo 5 and The Master Chief Collection!

19 comments on “FPS News — Battlefield 4 Fixes, Hardline Promises, Destiny Rated & Even More Halo

  1. can i run battlefield hardline my setup : 4gb Kingston Ram CPU: AMD Athlon
    ii 740x 3.2 ghz and Gpu; Sapphire Radeon Hd 7730 2gb DDR3

  2. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode of FPS News! Stay tuned for the next!

  3. So is this series replacing gaming+? Or is gaming+ still coming back? Im
    good either way.

  4. Lupus, what is your personal opinion of BF Hardline? I see it as you said a
    glorified DLC but with a 60 price tag. I know I won’t be getting it but
    what are your thoughts?

  5. Main priorities? Maybe if they ever make another game they will make that a
    priority when they start the game.

    Second beta? The first sucked. Can’t imagine even downloading it again for
    the second beta. Definitely have no plans to buy another game with DICE in
    the title – the beta even had the “supporting” companies name before the
    company that supposedly did the main work. Not going to fall for that

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