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FPS News — Bad Company Bafflement, COD: Vietnam & more

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The first episode of “FPS News” is live! Join ProdigioPete as he gives you the lowdown on the latest first-person shooter news.

Titanfall is being updated with new game modes and Titan customisation, while CS:GO is receiving some weapon tweaks to help keep things balanced and fair.

DICE ponders on the popularity of the Bad Company franchise, and Sledgehammer Games reveals the concept art and ideas behind a Call of Duty set in Vietnam!

27 comments on “FPS News — Bad Company Bafflement, COD: Vietnam & more

  1. I would so buy cod nam insted of this exoskeleto shit. And I dont even like
    cod im just so fucking fixede on the vietnam warxD

  2. I would have preferred a Vietnam era CoD like Black ops, less BS than
    modern/future era.

  3. just take bad company and make it HD and maybe have like the bf3 or bf4
    weapon loadouts whit suppresor and grips and so and so

  4. Hopefully sledgehammer games make vietnam as there next game and Bad
    company i dont know why it was so fun, it was just fun… LOL

  5. BFBC3.

    Lighthearted fun balanced MP. not 100 bullshit gadgets and fillers (Like
    they do with Gran turismo with their 60 fairlady’s)

  6. 1. Bad Company is simple, that’s it. DICE wasn’t trying to make Bad Company
    sell, they were having fun with it, and it shows. They overextend
    themselves in the Battlefield series, resulting in severe consequences in
    terms of game play and customer satisfaction in both BF3 and BF4. DICE
    was’t trying to make a game that would sell, they were making a game that
    was simply fun to play.

    2. Bad Company is loose, loud, obnoxious, light-hearted, witty, unorthodox,
    and an all around romp of a good time. Battlefield, like most other
    shooters, attempts to bring a serious and dark feeling. While this is
    entertaining at times, Bad Company presents an area where it is all about
    tearing the map up with your best buds.

    3. Bad Company was surprisingly, incredibly balanced. In term of guns and
    maps, there was never a overpowered gun or a bottle necked map. And the
    maps were beautiful. Beautiful. The sound was equally incredible. How many
    times did I duck as a rpg whizzed by my head, and how long did the crack of
    a sniper rifle echo in the mountains?

    4. Destruction. What better way to unwind after a hard day than leveling a
    town just because a sniper was in one of the buildings? We have gone
    through two engines with promises of better destruction, yet Bad Company
    still remains the king. Yes Battlefield series as incredible detail, but
    who needs detail when you see a HUMVEE go head-over-heels into the side of
    building in Bad Company?

    5. A beautiful game. That is the only way I can describe Bad Company. DICE,
    I understand your confusion because I feel it too. It’s hard to exactly pin
    down what made Bad Company such a great game. But if you ever make Bad
    Company 3 (and I will forever hope you do), just remember this- We belong
    to Bad Company, we don’t want to end up in some “good” company.

  7. I’ve read the article and can’t believe they don’t why the Bad Company
    series was so much better. Where to begin. The gameplay was a slower place
    than the current battlefields, the sound was better, the destruction was
    better and the overall frostbite engine was better. RPGs actually had
    accurate optics (as in u could read the scope and make a precise shit at
    any long distance target) if you were standing in front of barrels and shot
    an RPG the back blast would actually knock the barrels over, if you were in
    a room with windows the back blast would break all the windows. Tbh I don’t
    think DICE can recreate that BAD COMPANY feel, if they did and added to it
    I would say it’s the best fps of all time. Adding all current customization
    and what not on top of the core/foundation that is BAD COMPANY would be
    amazing. I think they should reach out to the community so we can remind
    them of what made bad company great. The slower game pace allowed for
    better tactics I believe. Best battlefield in my opinion was Bad Company 2

  8. Ok I’m confused here,first video showing the guy going up the stairs with a
    shield.i have not seen this anywhere in BF4.so when this come out.

  9. How DICE should make BFBC3 ((((IN MY OPINION)))
    1. More Destructible Environments.
    2. Make the weapon/vehicle loadouts a LOT more simplistic. i.e. you can
    only choose between a 2 or 3 sights on a weapon, and all suppressed PDWs,
    no spawn beacons.
    3. No jets.
    4. No suppression.
    5. Vehicles can’t Auto Regen health. (but vehicles can’t be disabled)
    6. Have MORE infantry friendly maps.
    7. Bring back tracer darts.
    8. Make the weapons lighter on the recoil, but heavier on the spread, so
    you would have to burst a lot more. (If you look at BFBC2, the weapons have
    VERY little recoil but a lot of spread.)
    9. Bring back the ghillie suit (Bush Wookie)
    10. Disable prone. (The BFBC series was more about rushing and not camping,)
    11. More tongue-in-cheek comedy.
    I could go on…

    (Keep in mind these are only opinions.)
    (Also I usually play infantry, So I mostly have a vibe on what infantry
    players would prefer.)

  10. All I got to say it’s the only battlefield I bought all the map packs for
    Bad company 2 is in my top 5 games

  11. Bad Company was just more focused on ground combat, The maps we’rent so big
    as the BF4 and BF3 maps and that gave many more options,

    The game was also fun to play even without friends,
    And i just loved that there weren’t any jets,
    The game was simple but complex at the sametime,
    Not too incomplex and not too complex,

    And the feel maps we’re just beautiful and well done,

  12. Battlefield 4 put a really bad taste in my mouth now ea is just selling
    fuck out with their battlefield franchise don’t bother buying hard line
    when way more better games are worth your money this holiday

  13. Cant wait for the CS:GO update. I really hope the Deagle gets a bit of a
    buff. Miss those impressive One Deags.


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