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Enemy Front – Initial review of the return to World War II

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Pixel Enemy Producer ShavedApe is here with his initial impressions of Enemy Front, a World War II first-person shooter title available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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20 comments on “Enemy Front – Initial review of the return to World War II

  1. Great review man! Though I’m sad to listen to it!
    I had high hopes for Enemy Front, after watching the trailer for this a few
    months back. Sounds like a turkey :/

    Ahhh well, maybe when it’s £3 on Steam. :)

  2. Ha this is the same thing as cod and you rated it bad! Cod is bad in my
    opinion but seriously the windows are in every FPS you can’t go through it!
    It’s just like locked doors you can’t go through them even if you want so
    you should really shut up! The sniper is supposed to be that way, it’s WW2
    for crying out loud the guns were not perfect!

  3. The singleplayer is pretty looking but just awful in mechanics. The game is
    pretty much broken and with very dumb and weak AI.

  4. Game about Polish resistance against Nazis in Poland…with American
    Protagonist…Yup right there fail.

  5. No se,pero tengo el juego y siento que las imagenes no son muy fluidas y
    molestan a la vista.

  6. lol i was actually thinking about buying this to fill the summer, glad i
    watched this. it shows a horrible attempt to bring back WW2 FPS games. i
    mean if your gona do it, do it right :)

  7. Great review. Bought collectors edition for 50 bucks at gamestop and it had
    to be the biggest mistake I made this year. This was gaming developing at
    its laziest. Sad to because sniper ghost warrior was not half bad.

  8. Enemy Front has the mortal sin of placing weapons in the wrong time period.
    Like the Mission flashback in France. It says 1940, yet I’m finding the
    panzerfaust, stg44, and the gewehr 43 all in the same level. WTF. As a
    military history enthusiast, I find this a blatant farce of a game.

  9. Your microphone is to loud and sounds a little wierd in the beginning. You
    should look into that. Other than that, great video

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