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19 comments on “Early Access — Star Citizen – Hangar Module Part 2 (Pre-Alpha)

  1. I can see the fps drops man wow , this game DESTROYS graphics cards , maybe
    2 x r9 290 would max this at 1080p or 1440p at 60 fps

  2. @AwG Sierra

    Lel, I laughed.. fuck off with your AMD bullcrap! 2x GTX 780Ti and you
    everything runs fine.. but not with AMD!

  3. Is it me or does the character walk too fast? Loses the immersion a bit.
    But still looks great none the less.

  4. Friend of mine told me about this game, and it looks awesome. But he also
    said that you will have to pay like 140 real life pounds for a bigger ship
    which kinda sucks if it’s true.

  5. 225 USD for an in-game ship. I’m either not understanding the way they
    handle the unlocking of ships or this is a rip-off…


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