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EA reveals every game mode available in Battlefield 4, seven in total

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While we already know the names of the 10 maps that will ship with Battlefield 4, as well as how they look like, we still didn’t know the game modes that players can participate in. Well, courtesy of a press release, EA solved the mystery.

In total, there will be seven game modes: Conquest, Domination, Obliteration, Defuse, Team Deathmatch, Rush, and Squad Deathmatch. All these game modes will be playable on all 10 maps, with the first two listed game modes playable in the Battlefield 4 beta.

Battlefield 4 will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 29. The PlayStation 4 version will arrive on November 12 (NA) and November 29 (EU), while the Xbox One version will arrive on November 19 (NA) and November 22 (EU).

2 comments on “EA reveals every game mode available in Battlefield 4, seven in total

  1. Cant wait, Battlefield is my favorite franchise of all time! i think defuse will be really fun from what I have seen of it so far.

  2. Thankfully I have played Counter Strike before, so I will be prepared for Battlefield’s take on the defuse mode.


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