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EA: Battlefield outsold Call of Duty in certain EU countries, we’re “slamming” them with new innovation

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bfIn an interview with CVG, EA’s Frank Gibeau happily answered a few questions regarding the battle between Battlefield and Call of Duty.

In 2011, EA chief operating officer Peter Moore, had said that the expected market share ratio between Battlefield and Call of Duty was 70/30 to Activision. Gibeau commented upon this saying that EA did better:

I think we did quite better than that, in fact we outsold them in certain countries in Europe.

With Battlefield outselling Call of Duty in certain European countries in 2011, and EA’s market share being higher than anticipated, it seems reasonable to say that Battlefield has a chance of tipping the scale this year. Gibeau seems very confident in Battlefield 4, acknowledging that EA are feeling competitive and up to the challenge:

Look, we are absolutely going for it. It’s a competition and we feel really good about Battlefield 4, and we have an old saying at EA which is ‘transition is our friend’, and we’re going to try to lap them with new technology, new innovation and new capabilities. So do I think we’re going to do better than last time? Absolutely.

When we started this challenge, back with Bad Company 1, I think the ratio was something like 95/5, so we pushed and pulled to get that figure even. Something I learned from the EA Sports business – with regards to FIFA versus Pro Evolution and Madden versus 2K – these fights are good for the industry. They’re good for customers. Competition drives innovation, and from our perspective some people snigger at these two companies going head-to-head but actually it’s good for our industry, it’s good for customers and it’s good for our dev team.

Call of Duty titles are released annually and are continually embraced by first-person shooter fanatics. Now that Medal of Honor has fallen, many are interested to know how EA will seek to fill the void. What game will challenge Call of Duty in the years between Battlefields?

The shooter rotation we think about now is Battlefield, Titanfall and Battlefront, and so we like those three brands going forward. We’re working out how we’re going to line that up because that’s what you’ll see from us.

Several confident responses from Gibeau with him getting straight to the point. It’s good to hear that EA are optimistic about Battlefield 4, as it really is looking great.

Will Battlefield take down the big dog this year? There’s not long until we find out!

  • Matt

    Yep… we made these surfaces shinier and these things blow up more than they used to and this gun shoots so much more different than this other gun and the detail on the bottom of this foot was greatly improved and the water moves and the helicopter flies and you’ll still die from being shot in the back.

    • Redspeed93

      Unlike real life where you only die if you’re being shot in the front, right?

      • Matt

        Silly… you die from all angles in real life.

        • Alex Co

          Even with an “arrow to the knee!” :D

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      So will any other fps game xD derp