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Dying Light official nighttime gameplay footage revealed

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Earlier today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Techland released a new gameplay video from their upcoming title, Dying Light. The new footage showcases the darker side of how the day-and-night cycle mechanic can affect players within the game.

Set in an expansive open world, Dying Light is a first-person action-survival-horror game where players must scavenge for food and supplies during the daylight in order to prepare themselves for surviving the terror awaiting them when night falls.

During the daylight hours, those who are infected are not a serious threat. They are slow, lethargic, and easy to spot during gameplay. Even when the infected are present within larger groups, they can easily be avoided in the daylight with some clever navigation.

However, these scenarios completely change during the nighttime, when the player is found at a disadvantage. The senses of the infected become more acute without daylight and they are far more likely to do anything they can in order to feed. During the nighttime, the infected grow stronger and they are able to run, jump, and climb as they seek their prey.

As the video provided below alludes, there is something even worse that waits within the darkest hours of the night. Players will have to combine different strategies in order to survive.

Dying Light will launch for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2014.

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