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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls expansion announced, includes a new class and monster types

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UPDATE: Blizzard has released the expansion’s first gameplay teaser and cinematic video, which you can see below.

Opening Cinematic:

Gameplay Teaser:

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Blizzard have announced a Reaper of Souls expansion which will be coming to Diablo 3.

The new installment in the series will be a “feature-rich expansion,” introducing the new Crusader class which brings the total of playable classes to six, an increase level cap of 70, a new act and new reigning enemy Malthael.

Blizzard have described Malthael as the “fallen angel of wisdom, an angel of death, who heads a legion of death angels.” In the new narrative, Malthael is working to reap both demons and humans alike, with the latter being the spawn of both angels and demons.

There will also be new monster types introduced into Reaper of Souls, including the range casting Seraphs, hulking Executioners and the fall Death Maidens. The new Westmarch environment will also keep with Diablo tradition and will be entirely randomizable.

Blizzard are also emphasing their new “loot 2.0″ system, which will give less loot drops than before but the loot inside them will be much better overall. The expansion will also add “Smart drops” which offer a percentage chance that legendary items dropped are aimed towards your class.

It is expected that Reaper of Souls will on average offer users 73 white items, 266 blue items, 83 yellow items and six legendary items, meaning that you are more likely to a legendary item drop.

Source: Polygon

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