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Destiny first impressions — Console limits & PC version being “heavily discussed”

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The Destiny alpha has now come and gone. The initial trial allowed the developers to test the game under load, and the gamers to experience the work-in-progress for the first time.

Above are my first impressions of the game, as well as some news about a possible PC version coming in the future.

44 comments on “Destiny first impressions — Console limits & PC version being “heavily discussed”

  1. Funny thing…PC’s can run games at 4k Resolution at 120 FPS. Having 30 FPS
    be standard in a game should be a crime now-a-days.

  2. Did Bungie have to ruin Halo by adding all of the stuff Destiny uses?

    Looking at Destiny, it seems like Halo Reach was a test for all the stuff
    they used in Destiny, therefore making 343i following the style and
    carrying the non-halo stuff over to Halo 4…

    Not saying Destiny is bad, because I haven’t played it yet, and I would
    love to play it, but it seems like they did that.

  3. Alright good to know it could eventually come out. I don’t know what it is
    with publishers cock blocking PC lately.

  4. Great vid, though i dont like the title. i get that you want peoples
    attention but its a lil too much

  5. I wanted to say that the multiplayer looks like a carbon-copy of Halo, then
    I realized it’s made by the devs of Halo..

  6. ugh here we go again with more shit about Frames per second.. 30 fps, 60
    fps, it doesn’t matter. Not at all. you can’t really see much difference
    past 30 anyway for it to really matter.

  7. Im a PC gamer, but I prefer FPS over graphics. 30fps in 2014 is ridiculous.
    I understand if its a fighting game or even a racing game…but 30fps on an
    FPS is stupid.

    And to anyone who says there isn’t a difference between 30fps, and 60fps,
    you need to get your eyes checked. You can feel the difference too. Hell
    even from 30 to 45 you can feel the difference.

  8. I think they could run the game at 900p/60 fps. I ( WE) as console gamers
    must not allowed developers to think that running games a 30fps is
    acceptable !!!

  9. everyone who says this game looks boring actually play it first just
    watching gameplay doesn’t do it justice

  10. When they say that it wouldn’t be practical for them to bring it to PC,
    what they’re actually saying is that whilst their game is good enough for
    consoles, it’s not up the the standard that PC gamers are expecting. Hence
    why most of the Halo games never made it to PC.

  11. The reason it’s 30 FPS because it includes last gen consoles. Bungie has
    stated that they don’t want to make it feel like PS3 and Xbox 360 players
    are buying an inferior copy. They want players across all consoles to
    experience the same game. Also when I played the alpha it was so smooth and
    played great

  12. 4k quality fuck yeah.
    I dont think my computeris capable of that though. Fucking integrated
    graphics hurr durr

  13. It doesn’t seem like there is any variation in classes except for a
    gimmicky ability or weapon. I want to see all these classes have balanced
    and unique play styles with perks and skill trees.

  14. I played on ps4 and as a fan of halo since it started I was hugly
    disappointed by the 30 fps I knew instantly felt like cement shoes. Please
    cancell ur pree orders and boycott this shit. They said theyre making 30
    fps on ps4 and xo so they have the same experience as ps3 and 360. If every
    one dose what im sauing they will make 60fps on next gen. 344 is now better
    then bungie wtf

  15. Okay everyone watching this video.
    The game is coming to Ps3 and Xbox 360.

    They wanted they games to be identical across all platforms.
    So rather than reducing the games graphics, which ultimately its just the
    same as reducing it to 30 fps they chose FPS over graphics.

    Next-gen consoles can handle 60fps at 1080p old consoles however could not
    handle it, changing the game for just the next-gen would be a huge waste of
    time and ultimately would just get them ridiculed for prioritising next-gen
    over old-gen.

    To the PC gamers, this is why they don’t bother making games for you, you
    nit-pick every fucking tiny little detail to death.
    Example “oh its such a good game” – (runs at 30FPS) – “How fucking dare
    they this is 2014!!”. Seriously people herd need to get a life.

  16. I know that it is probably because I have played on the PS3 for so long,
    but honestly I am indifferent to 30 FPS. It is the experience that I am
    concerned about, not ridiculous performance and high fidelity graphics.
    This game expands further than just competitive multiplayer, it includes
    co-op strikes and raids in addition to the main story. I’m interested in
    playing this game because of its universe, rpg mechanics, and its support
    to playing with friends.

  17. “Skill” based is just an opinion. I find fast paced twitching shooters more
    “skillful” than taking 2 days to kill someone with really high TTK’s.
    Consistent shooting is “skill” but so is twitching shooting and just as
    much so.

  18. I want this game for PC so badly. I was going to get a ps3 just for this
    game but if it’s coming to pc fuc the ps3

  19. The fact that this game is coming out for last gen consoles is bullshit,
    producers shouldn’t continue to make games for last gen consoles, it only
    holds the game back.

  20. My PC could probably run this at 100fps at max settings. I hope we don’t
    have to wait as long as GTA V on PC…

  21. It seriously would be a crime if Destiny does not come out for PC… After
    playing the Beta though at a friends house, I’d actually consider getting a


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