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Deep Silver asks you to pick the bonuses for Saints Row 4

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Saints Row 4

Saints Row fanatics were questioned on what they’d like to see in pre orders for Saints Row 4, Videogamer reports.

“Now, we have been toying with a lot of ideas, but we want you, the Saints Row community, to vote on what YOU want in a Collector’s Edition. So here’s your chance to let us know!”

There’s all sorts of weird things up for grabs; you can take the survey here. If you  haven’t seen the trailer then what are you waiting for!?

Saints Row 4 won’t be coming out for the Wii U; but it’s good to see Deep Silver really testing what fans want. Especially after that whole Dead Island Riptide torso blunder.

3 comments on “Deep Silver asks you to pick the bonuses for Saints Row 4

  1. They can not release this game as SR4 and just call it SR3 dlc, put it at $20 and that be it. Then that will make more people happy and then next gen come out with a real (not stupid comedy) sequel that is more like SR2.


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