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Dark Souls II Collector’s and Black Armor Editions can only be purchased through pre-order

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Dark Souls II

When publisher Namco Bandai revealed the release dates for Dark Souls II, the publisher also revealed the Collector’s and Black Armor Editions of the game. While the Collector’s Edition will get a bunch of goodies for $119.99, the Black Armor Edition is a free upgrade for regular pre-orders that will include a tin case and the game’s soundtrack for $59.99.

Alas, if you do not pre-order either edition, then you will be out of luck come post-release. According to Namco Bandai, these editions are only available through pre-order. As such, once these editions “are gone, they are gone.”

This means that, if you have the slightest bit of interest in getting either edition, you would do yourself a disservice by not pre-ordering. Dark Souls II will be available on March 11 here in North America, while Japan and Europe will get the game on March 13 and 14, respectively.

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