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Cliff Bleszinksi: 24-hour check was “pretty silly,” My money is on PC, mobile and tablets for the near future

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Sometime last week, Cliff Bleszinski — otherwise known as CliffyB — made waves again when he went on Twitter to sound off on how “used games will not work with high budgets.”

While more than a few people weren’t happy with Cliff’s tweets, it’s understandable that he won’t be able to get his entire message across just by using 140 characters (Twitter limit per tweet).

Fortunately for us, Bleszinksi has now written an entire blog post detailing his entire intent and message. In the latest post on his “DudeHugeSpeaks” Tumblr, Bleszinski touches upon Microsoft’s surprisingly quick backpedaling, how he thinks 24-hour checks are “silly,” and how his money is on PC, mobile and tablets for the near future.

I’ll admit, the once every 24 hour check was pretty silly. Customers can smell from a mile away when you’re treating them like children, peeking your head into their bedroom on a regular basis in an attempt to catch them doing something. Here’s the thing about Steam. It doesn’t FORCE you to be online. The ecosystem of Steam is so brilliant, from the community, to the summer sales, to the indie games, that you WANT to get online.

My money is on the PC, mobile and tablets for the near future. I wandered around E3 looking at (too many) fantastic games shaking my head and worrying about how many are going to be deemed a failure due to the fact that yes, it may have sold 4 million copies, but it cost too much to make and market, so it was a wash. (Do your homework, several very high profile games have had this issue and no, I’m not going to call them out here.)

In addition to that, CliffyB thinks that the shift to digital will still happen (for both MS and Sony) but that it’s going to be “slow and subtle.”

So here’s what’s going to happen now that Microsoft has largely matched Sony’s (well played) move at E3. The shift to digital is still going to happen (FOR BOTH) but it’s going to be slow and subtle. Suddenly more DLC will be made available. More microstransactions will appear. And Day One Digital will (hopefully) be cheaper and will have so many added bells and whistles that consumers (with reliable enough bandwidth) will have a hard time refusing the tasty downloadable edition over the disc based one.

But you know, none of this shit matters if the GAMES AREN’T FUN AND FANTASTIC. And if they are? No one seems to mind throwing money at them. (Zynga, this is your problem now, btw.)

I’ve said before if I worked at Microsoft I would not only POSITIVELY motivate users to go digital but also offer their own trading system in which they give you MORE money for your game than Gamestop and sell the used games for LESS than Gamestop. Include a Netflix style mailing system and move along your merry way by engaging the customer as opposed to treating them like criminals.

Make sure to read the entire thing, as it is a very interesting take on what someone “inside” the industry thinks.

Do you agree with Dude Huge’s sentiments or is he too comfortable where he is now to give a proper analysis on the whole thing?

9 comments on “Cliff Bleszinksi: 24-hour check was “pretty silly,” My money is on PC, mobile and tablets for the near future

  1. I think he is a little bit right and a lot wrong. I myself still believe n walking into a store taking a game home and unwrapping it and putting it in my console. Phones and tablets don’t even have that option. The minute u lose that feeling then u might be better owning a system that requires no physical copy or maybe get a dog. Better yet maybe find a new hobby. Games have and always have been something that’s a event not a download. I still sit on the crapper with a magazine not my cell phone or whatever. Now that’s what u truly call old school and if its broke I don’t want it fixed.

    • And Russel ur right. Hes a pompus prick and he has made and had a hand in great games. I think he might think hes a rockstar instead of a game informer if u will.

  2. Sad to say, but yes the future is defiantly on mobile and tablet, they are some of the most popular devices out there to play on.
    the only way that a pc will get to being the most popular is if the developers make the optimisation happen on the games. there are so many poor ports onto the pc from console its unreal, partner with the graphics provides (both amd and nividia) and work with them to port it.

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