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Call of Duty: Ghosts Guard Dog Killstreak getting “The Wolf” skin DLC this month — Rumor

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As if the game isn’t associated with the dog enough, Call of Duty: Ghosts is reportedly set to get a DLC skin for the “Guard Dog” Killstreak called “The Wolf.”

This was revealed by Reddit user beta_crater, who states that “this is happening.” According to the leaker, it’s priced at a rather heft $3 “where he is” and also, “That’s to cover the tax they charge now on the Xbox Marketplace since converting to real money.”

It seems from his comments, beta_crater works for a videogame retail store and also confirms they “pulled the case” off the shelf for now, but adds “Just letting everyone know that the Wolf skin won’t be out until December 12th!”

So, if you have an extra $3 lying around, you might want your Guard Dog Killstreak to sport a different coat of fur — y’know, if it isn’t too pricey for ya.

Keep in mind this is still a rumor until confirmed or debunked by Activision. We’ve reached out to them for a comment and will update once they’ve responded.

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    Not surprised, people will buy it and this will lead to 30 more being released. Im waiting for the bacon skinned dog that runs around chasing its own meat tail.

  • Joshkay41

    Seriously? This is the sort of DLC that should be free, it cost the developer next to nothing to make.