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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 9-minute gameplay reveal — A taste of action & emotion

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It wouldn’t be E3 without a lengthy Call of Duty gameplay reveal, and so-

*In the interest of time…*

Just watch the damn gameplay and enjoy!

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26 comments on “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 9-minute gameplay reveal — A taste of action & emotion

  1. Yo really fan boys not liking this game… This seems pretty bad A55.
    Basically it’s titan fall without mechs which for me seems cool. Like
    disliking this video Fanboys be like Ugh COD again eww. Without realizing
    that the game might be cool

  2. i thought this was going to be of private military or something, now it
    looks like black ops 3. copying from titanfall and shit, i mean what the
    fuck were those bee things?

  3. Personally im sick of all new games with futuristec theme, Bring back the
    WW 2 storys, my favorite now is Enemy Front. I want WW 2 FPS from German
    side cause most of them are from the American or Soviet side.

  4. Not ONLY do the pretty much rip off Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, but
    the FUCKING Matrix as well? This is not gonna end well for Activision. Not
    at all.

  5. sorry but this looks better than the new battlefield. even tho future stuff
    isn’t my thing.

  6. At least the are no “advance fish AI”….

    I have to give the designers props for the drone swam, that looked wicked
    Anyone has info on what engine they are using or still going with same old

  7. Looks pretty cool…
    But ANOTHER main protagonist that is silent?? Fuck off.

  8. COD is actually changing it up, but knowing the COD fanboys they’ll
    probably say Ghosts is much better, like they did with Black Ops 2 and so
    many other COD games

  9. i must admit for a COD game it does look good. maybe this is the tuning
    point we’ve been looking for and not the same shit since MW1. hats off to
    the sledgehammer games. kinda reminds me of shadow fall tho lol

  10. For once since COD4 i believe they did something new with COD. And i was
    really disappointed with the Battlefield: cops & robbers DLC. Rainbow six
    Siege was also really cool looking!

  11. Halo 3: ODST enterance?? Flying ships that look like Pelicans? Tanks that
    look like Scorpions?? Boosters???? Must I go on? Ugh I’m sorry but no….

  12. so its in japan now??? and of course u can punch open a car but when your
    friend gets caught u can open a slidy door……

  13. the problem is that here in my country,all the CoD titles are pretty
    expensive…around $75 whereas the other titles cost less…that is one
    reason why i don’t really get CoD titles…i have been playing bf since a
    long time but i am going to skip on both BFH and CoD AW for now


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