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Breach & Clear review: Special Forces in the palm of your hand

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Breach & Clear is brought to you by Gun Media and Mighty Rabbit. An iOS turn-based tactical game, it brings the experience of Special Operations straight to your couch and on to your phone or tablet.


Breach & Clear starts with the Terrorist Hunt mode, allowing players to select a unit of four men from one of the following: Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, Army Rangers, and Canada’s Joint Task Force 2. To enable them to make their choice, players are shown stats, such as accuracy and reaction time, for each of the forces. Once we know what we want, we can build a squad from ground up.

Additionally, there are six classes of men to choose from, including Weapons Sergeants and Medics. One of the best features of the game is being able to equip your squad with weapons and gear. And there’s an abundance of choices in that department. For a game of this scale to have all these features is appreciable.


We’re now ready to breach and clear.


We’re outside a building full of baddies inside, and we need to take them out. Players can strategically assign a different door to each member of their squad. The buildings we enter are cleared out in “phases” until all the baddies are dead. How quick we are and how much damage we deal depends on our squad placement and character stats.

I’ll admit that I don’t remember the last time I played a turn-based tactical game. I was therefore quite surprised by how quickly I picked up on the game and its controls. I started out in Afghanistan, cleared all the missions, went on to Turkey, and then China. Each mission brings a different kind of challenge, requiring players to think differently. The gameplay is smooth, controls are simple, and the graphics look good.


An interesting feature of the game is that it shares a lot of information about the Special Forces. Between every mission, you’ll be presented with a fact about them that you probably don’t already know.


It’s hard to give a game like Breach & Clear anything less than a good score. For $1.99, it’s more than your money’s worth and it’s engaging.

I do have a very minor complaint, however. Maybe I’m just bored of the same old “military vs terrorist” perspective taken in modern-day games (from AAA to indie), but I found it slightly annoying to note that we’re essentially playing yet another game where we invade a country and justify shooting those fighting occupation by calling them terrorists.

It’s only a game, but this stereotypical theme could have been avoided by not attaching names of other countries to it. I like my games free of ethnocentric political innuendos, deliberate or not.



We were given a review code for Breach & Clear by Gun Media. I played the game on an iPad mini. For $1.99, you can own this fun little game and learn a lot of random facts about the US military like I did!

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