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BlockBuster Games put 3DS’ up for £70, closes deal in minutes

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Block Buster Games recently put almost all of their consoles at 50% off, but then closed the deal within minutes.

A personal friend sent me a message that basically read “Holy gravy go to Block Buster games!”. He grabbed a bunch of 3DS’, the blue and black models were at £70, and apparently the red model was at £100.

However, when a bunch of us hauled ass down there literally within 10 minutes of him telling us, the offer had been pulled.

We’ve asked Block Buster Games to comment on this, and will update if we hear anything.


  • http://twitter.com/RobbieToomer robbie toomer (@RobbieToomer)

    Is this the same blockbuster that I’m thinking of? If so, they’re still around?

    • http://pixelenemy.com Patrick Day-Childs

      They’re around! They’re just…not doing well…