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Battlefield Vietnam 2 — The most wanted Battlefield game?

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BattlefieldPortal are here to ask a big question: “What about… Battlefield Vietnam 2?”

With the original Vietnam content for Bad Company 2 being considered as one of the best expansions ever, it’s not surprising that fans want to return to virtual warfare there.

As modern military shooters pile on in each year, perhaps it is time for a change. Should Battlefield return to a different period in time? Should Vietnam be revisited once more?

31 comments on “Battlefield Vietnam 2 — The most wanted Battlefield game?

  1. Yeah this could be fun, but i’m not done with modern combat ! I want a true
    bf4, they need to recreate bf4 or make a perfect Bf5 ! Because bf3 was so
    good, i’m sad that bf4 is half finished…

  2. People dont want old they want new, meaning future stuff. Thats why
    everything now is all about futuristic, outter space, monster hunting

  3. What about World War I with a bit of kafkaesk horror. It´s now 100 years
    after the Great War.

    PS: With that voice….Not even Dice/EA shouldn´t say no :P

  4. Its time to milk the battlefield franchise, Battlefield is lost, even if
    Vietnam comes out, its going to be trash. BF3 and every BF game before it
    are masterpieces.

  5. Whats the man with the golden voice doing on pixel enemy? Has he left the
    other channel?

  6. Unless they go back to the heavy feel of Bad Company or at least not have
    it be a close quarters shitfest like the last few games, I rather the
    series die than suffer Call of Battlefield: Vietnam’s sheer existence.

  7. Oh my god, if they changed the time period, that would be so refreshing!
    Jesus Christ people, it’s not the setting that’s making the Battlefield
    franchise stale, it’s the gameplay. It hasn’t evolved enough to “wow” us
    anymore. Remember when you saw the old BF3 trailers for the first time; the
    chaotic action, the huge maps, the jets, the seer immensity of the battles.
    At this point in the franchise, we’ve become jaded to all that, especially
    for those who’ve played the franchise for longer than that. Remeber those
    “Battlefield Moments” videos for BC2? Remember how epic those where? Now it
    seems most of community, including myself, have become adjusted to battles
    at that scale. The novelty of a “Battlefield moment” has gone away. The
    franchise needs to do something to bring that “wow” factor again.

  8. I’m pretty sure Hardline is just filler until SW Battlefront becomes the
    new MoH type game but hopefully without being shit.

  9. DICE isn’t going to make a Battlefield Vietnam 2, Battlefield 2143, or
    Battlefield 1944. I’m sorry fanboys, but they don’t give a shit about you
    any more, listening to what you want is the last thing you can expect them
    to do. They’re going to milk the same modern bullshit until the fanboys
    decide to stop buying their games. Which won’t happen for a while.

  10. I don’t think EA will do this, I don’t even think they really care about
    what the audience wants. They just go their own way with random shit like

  11. Leslie benzy of rockstar said they got 20 years of ideas too bad u can’t
    say the same about Dice n ea

  12. lol, I like how they are trying to do that narrator thing that those 7
    minute gameplay trailers do lol

  13. I posted the same on twitter not so long ago, glad to see someone is thinking along the same lines as me, many gamers havnt played bad company 2 or even bad company, the maps were the best battlefield have made, why not release all battlefield maps from the whole series.


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