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Battlefield Hardline official trailer announces release date in style

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You’ve seen the leaked videos, but now it’s time to start getting official!

The first Battlefield Hardline trailer has exploded onto the scene revealing, not only a flurry of gameplay shots, but a release date too!

Battlefield Hardline is set to release October 21st 2014.

25 comments on “Battlefield Hardline official trailer announces release date in style

  1. Why’s everyone judging this game? They haven’t even tried it + THEY ARE

  2. why are they calling it a battlefield game? they should just start it as a
    new shooter IP called Hardline. That would be great. It doesn’t make sense
    to slap the Battlefield title on top of that. At this point, it won’t help
    it in terms of sales, and it will tarnish the reputation of what we know to
    be a battlefield title. nothing wrong with the game so far, it should just
    be disassociated from battlefield

  3. looks decent but not really what I was expecting for a ‘next-gen’ release.
    I’ll still most likely but it though.

  4. Battle of Duty or Call of Field? why Battlefield games start releasing
    every year, as CoD on the conveyor?

  5. Fuck this, this ain’t Battlefield, this is Battlefield trying to be CoD. I
    swear since BF3 things have just been going downhill

  6. Everybody is judging this game off 43 seconds from a teaser trailer. Wait
    for some more gameplay before judging it so harshly

  7. I can’t see how this is a Battlefield game since you are not playing into a
    battlefield but i hope it will turn out to be good and better that COD but
    without the shitty netcode of BF4.

  8. With this trend every year lets release a new Battlefield game … oh well
    RIP BF series. Thx to EA for ruing it…. again.

  9. I think people need to realise that just because a game comes out and it
    LOOKS shit, you don’t need to be a little pussy bitch about, crying ‘THERE
    KILLING IT’, it’s a game for fuck sake. Games are £40 usually, it really
    isn’t that much money, if you have a full-time job. And if you don’t have
    a full-time job because you’re in college etc. having 2 part-time jobs you
    can earn at least £120 a week. You’re not gonna fucking die. I’m sick of
    seeing Youtube comments full of bitches, moaning and whining. And I
    understand that I’ve contradicted myself by saying I hate people bitching,
    when in a way I’m bitching now. But seriously people can you really stop
    whining like kids.
    Everyone is so critical and cynical about game, they dissect every single
    bit of games now, instead of just turning your mind off and playing a
    mindless shooter.
    I suppose it’s because I play games because they’re fun and I’m bored, or
    when I’m not going out.
    I guess most people don’t play games because of these reasons anymore and
    instead become a daily task that they have to do.

  10. People were bitching about Bad company when it first came out because it
    was different, now they consider it being the best BF game out there.
    So stop judging before actually trying the game yourself. idiots

  11. Why are so many people hating on this game? You haven’t even seen at least
    5 minutes of gameplay yet! And if all you’re gonna do is bitch about it,
    then leave. I’m personally glad that EA is trying something new.

  12. Currently, I am NOT looking forward to this game. So far it has yet to
    impress me, and I don’t believe that they could come CLOSE to accurately
    making it a ‘cops vs robbers’ style game whilst maintaining the Battlefield
    feel. I want HUGE maps, vehicular combat, etc, and I don’t think a cops vs
    robbers style game could possibly deliver on mass vehicular combat. And if
    they did add vehicles, to be accurate, they’d need the cops with armored
    trucks, and the robbers in their little hatchback cars. Definitely doesn’t
    sound like a Battlefield title to me, more like a separate game under the
    Battlefield name.

  13. BF4 with different skins and a slightly different setting. No graphical
    improvements or anything judging by the leaked gameplay. I definitely wont
    buy it for the full price.

  14. WTF BF4 has not been out even a year yet. Hell no I’m not buying this shit
    if they are going the cod rout. I mean cod could be a great game if they
    had more time to develop not two years.

  15. I’ll say this loud and clear for the people already hating on this.

  16. The hate going on here is crazy. First we bash Call Of Duty for not
    changing and now you are all bashing battlefield for changing. What the
    actual F***?!? I’m not saying this is 10/10 will buy but should we please
    wait until june 9th to actually see what this game is about? Hating a game
    before seeing it is just not done people. Please


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