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Battlefield Hardline — Improving Performance & Useful Keybinds

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The tips provided by Speedbre4ker in the video above, go way beyond tweaking the Battlefield Hardline options menu.

The secrets detailed here are all about delving deep into your install drive, copying over some files, and enjoying an extra boost in performance.

Also included are some helpful keybinds, which should help maximise your success when trying to switch weapons and gadgets in the middle of a gunfight!

Download user.cfg file here.

Download my PROFSAVE_profile file here.

19 comments on “Battlefield Hardline — Improving Performance & Useful Keybinds

  1. The files will be updated with the best settings available, so do check
    them out for the latest and greatest settings.

  2. You should have mentioned, that it’s better to have a consistent fps, than
    a high fps.
    If your max avg is 120 and your min fps is 90, than you should limit your
    fps to 90 and not to 120. The benefit of a 100% constant framerate is, that
    you can count on a very smooth mouse movement which won’t get slowed down
    or speed up during framerate changes.

  3. Battlefiled hardline is a rip off its a dlc not a full game it’s basically
    a dlc for bf4 like Vietnam dlc in my opinion I think it should cost 30

  4. guys.. its a goddamn beta chill for fuck sakes the game hasnt been
    optimized that much,thats why the fps ratings are low even if you have a
    good pc.

  5. If you set mesh quality on low, players are still rendered but you can see
    behind some objects, giving you an advantage.

  6. The mesh quality thing is not true. Low also renders players like on the
    ultra distance. Only objects won’t render (as you’ve said)… which leads
    to a “included” “wallhack” (as you see players behind objects far away).

  7. I am actually pleased to read this blog posts which Battlefield Hardline — Improving Performance & Useful Keybinds | Pixel Enemy carries plenty of useful data, thanks for providing these kinds of information.


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