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Battlefield 4: Top 5 Plays — Episode 2

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The second episode of our “Battlefield 4 – Top 5 Plays” is now live! We’re continuing our mission to bring you the very best BF4 clips each week.

Sponsored by ROCCAT and Elgato, our series rewards the very best clip submissions with high quality gaming gear!

Check out the best Battlefield 4 kills in the video above, presented to you by Pixel Enemy video producers MattTheMusketeer and Westie!

To submit your own clips, and be in for a chance of winning some incredible ROCCAT and Elgato gear, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Ensure clips are 720p or higher, and that they have no text overlay and no music. They must also be less than one minute in length.
  2. Upload your clip to YouTube as unlisted.
  3. Finally, email top5plays@pixelenemy.com with your link URL and channel name.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next episode in the series, and stay subscribed to Pixel Enemy on YouTube for more epic content!

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