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Battlefield 4: Tiered reloading confirmed and shown off, new PS4 footage surfaces

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UPDATE: Seems the original .gif wasn’t working. Fixed it now.

Just recently, EA had an episode of its “For the Win” (FTW) YouTube series focus on gun customization in Battlefield 4. The speaker in the said video was none other than Lead Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz.

Shown in the clip above, what Kertz talks about regarding gun camos, attachments and whatnot might be common knowledge by now for Battlefield fans, but he also touched upon a new feature coming to BF4 and that’s “tiered reloading.”

For those not familiar with the term, it’s essentially the reloading animation not stopping or starting over from the beginning once you switch a weapon. Say you’re reloading an RPG but an enemy immediately pops out and you whip out your primary to shoot the opposition, in previous Battlefield games, switching back to the RPG meant the rocket reloading animation will start from scratch which could mean life or death in certain situations. Well, that’s not the case in BF4.

Still confused? Here’s a demo of how this work straight from Alan Kertz himself, which we’ve made into a .gif to better see it.

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In other BF4 news, remember when we showed you our first-ever glimpse of BF4 gameplay running on a PlayStation 4? If that wasn’t enough, we now have more footage for you to mince. Sadly, though, the one from French site Jeuxvideo is once again off-screen footage, while the YouTube one with DICE producer Daniel Matros concentrates more on Spectator Mode than anything else. Nonetheless, they are new footage so give them a go below.

Are you happy that tiered reloading is finally in BF4 or is it insignificant in the grand scheme of things? I know for me it will make taking down vehicles a wee bit less cumbersome compared to before.

For more BF4 info, we recently revealed how the game will be controlled via the DualShock 4. Go check that out now.

16 comments on “Battlefield 4: Tiered reloading confirmed and shown off, new PS4 footage surfaces

  1. Confirmed – superior Xbox One version! Sorry Wiiu and Sony fans, time to stop being poor and pony up the dough for the BEST CONSOLE EVARRRR!

    Btw, Kinect FTW!

  2. i dont really understand whats happening in that gif. is it just me or does it look like its missing some frames or something.


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