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Battlefield 4 Rent-a-Server now live on consoles, “Death Shield” fix rolling out

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Following DICE’s announcement that it has “fixed” Battlefield 4’s rubber-banding issues with an upgrade on its hardware, the rent-a-server feature is now live on consoles. Announced officially on Battlelog,

The prices and rental duration are listed below.

Rental Periods and Prices
You can rent a Battlefield 4 server on console for a number of different days. The price for renting a server is as follows:

1 day ($1.49)
7 days ($6.99)
30 days ($24.99)
90 days ($59.99)

If you can’t rent a server, DICE notes that this is a “soft launch,” and “means that we initially will have a limited amount of servers. We will however increase the numbers gradually when we see that everything is running as intended.”

In the same update, DICE is also rolling out a fix for the “Death Shield bug where an invisible ‘shield’ would appear around killed enemies, blocking weapons fire. Thank you for being patient as we worked to get this resolved”

Console players, prepare for tons of Operation Metro and Operation Locker servers 24/7!

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