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Battlefield 4 — JS2 Weapon Review – The Final PDW

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A gun that most of you won’t have used is the JS2. The final unlockable PDW is a gun that few have fired, due to its lengthy unlock process.

Rahul brings us a weapon review of this rare treasure. Is it worth the grind to unlock?

28 comments on “Battlefield 4 — JS2 Weapon Review – The Final PDW

  1. I never bought bf3 :( I followed PE when bf3 was out and never bought bf4
    #somwonebuyit4me :D

  2. Dude that tou Said about coyote rds is the best it’s mabye you, not me i
    think that it’s the worst, i like kobra sight i depents who you are asking
    and mp5 is not British it’s german

  3. AND single shot and simi auto is just the same i think you mean, Fully
    auto, Burst fire, Simi auto

  4. People saying the MP5 isn’t British are both correct and incorrect.

    The MP5 exterior and interior design is German but licensing has been sold
    world wide to many countries to manufacture the MP5, one of these countries
    include Great Britain, Which also influenced the A3 variant of the MP5 for
    the UK SAS, which was made famous in the Iranian Embassy siege in London

    Just some quick facts for you guys so rage wars don’t happen.

  5. We attempted to upload this yesterday (before the trailer dropped). YouTube
    was having one of its moments, and so this is a reupload.

    Still, I’m pretty curious about what happened to the “Police Warfare” KS
    campaign, and whether or not the idea / team got picked up by EA.

    Thanks Pete for the video. Nice research and deduction!

    – Mack

  6. It has nothing to do. I know a guy who works as animator on this project.
    And he told that it is an indie project. They stoped working on it because
    some members of the team had school and other things to think about. So ye,
    they have nothing to do with eachother. If you are interested for more just
    google “ImBrokeRu” and you find the guy who im talking about. Oh, make sure
    to find his personal channel; He is a famous modder, so you will find lots
    of other videos related to him. Hope this makes things clear.

  7. Heat (1995) Was amazing
    Plus Payday 1 and two were built with that film in mind
    (In The heist “first world bank” sometimes one of the “heisters” will get
    on the main counter and say the next quote “We want to hurt no one! We’re
    here for the bank’s money, not your money. Your money is insured by the
    federal government, you’re not gonna lose a dime! Think of your families,
    don’t risk your life. Don’t try and be a hero!”
    Obviously from the movie)

  8. My theory is, after the disappointment of Medal Of Honor Warfighter EA
    closed down Danger Close studious and few former staff of Danger Close
    might have joined Viseral games to make another shooter, when Dead Space 3
    was in development, so they decided to make a game under Medal Of Honor,
    but then EA said ‘no we are not making another shooter under Medal Of Honor
    becuz of less sales’ so those ‘staff’ tried to find an alternative so they
    search for some bunch Kickstarter project and found a game called, ‘Police
    Warfare’ so those staff reported to EA about the title and EA was like
    “dammnn” “no way these nigas are gonna beat the sales of our franchise” and
    EA hire those small indie teams and so, those ‘staff of Danger Close’
    decided “hey why not make the game under Battlefield” and EA is like “sure
    great idea, then it would be easy for EA” but that time Viseral games staff
    were too busy with finishing the development of Dead Space 3 & Devils
    Cartel, so after those games were released and with another poor sales, EA
    focused on the small indie teams, and wanted to release the game next year,
    but unfortunately the teams got less time & less resource, so EA closed
    down Bioware Victory Games the guys under the development of the new C&C to
    help focus on the new Battlefield, but the problem is Victory Games made a
    map called Omaha so the former staff says “hey why not call the new
    Battlefield, Battlefield Omaha” and goes the leaked trailer and Hardline,

  9. It has been confirmed that hardline has been in development for over 2
    years so i think you have a point

  10. Personally I don’t think they’re the same game and also, since it’s the
    makers of BF i dont think it will be as amazing as it could be. Most game
    developers with a title (lol almost typed titan, yay Titanfall) stick to
    the way the previous games were made and if they stick too much to BF3/4
    they won’t go too far. Although if they do do this right, it could be a
    damn good game. Imagine having 1 life working as a robber, then if you
    wanted more serious cash for stuff you’d join a crew.. But if you wanted
    those big bucks, they’d have syndicates who would coordinate multiple bank
    robberies at the same time to spread the cops thin and steal from
    banks/corporations. You die, you can’t join another syndicate unless you
    have enough cash to contribute etc etc..


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