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Updated: Battlefield 4 gets another teaser, sea vehicles confirmed

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Update: As we’ve posted this, DICE ninja’d a new trailer telling us to “prepare 4 battle” with a tank. Yes, Battlefield fans, BF4 will include tanks!11! Now, get over the sarcasm and watch the other teaser below, too.

Original Post: DICE has released yet another teaser for their highly-anticipated shooter, Battlefield 4.

While it once again does not show one second of gameplay, it does reveal a fact: sea vehicles will be present in the game!

In the mini-teaser you can see below, we see a ship (or submarine?) propeller spin in water. Unless DICE is showing that for another game, then I think it’s safe to assume that sea vehicles — and see warfare — will be present in BF4.

This is probably our big Battlefield 4 news for the day. However, if you want to read more, be sure to watch our video showing how you can earn the “I Was There” dog tag for Battlefield 3, as well as the most recent rumors for BF4.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Battlefield 4′s official reveal on March 27.

Battlefield fans, are you ready to have naval warfare present in a Battlefield game once again?

  • http://twitter.com/GNARK1LL420 George

    I would have liked to see more maps with water vehicles in BF3 Like the few that were in BC2. Since the one actual boat they have in BF3 didn’t really serve a purpose except transporting and the boats in BC2 you could actually defends some flags/crates.
    Oh yea we need jetskis again too.

  • http://pixelenemy.com/ Mark Remo

    Not sure how I like the extension of the grungy Battlefield 3 graphic/sound theme to BG4. I wonder if that’s temporary.

  • Hol_Up

    I hope that they have islands to fight one while carriers are moving spawn points that can be destroyed by subs. Just like in 1942