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Battlefield 4: “Full soldier resets” not possible at this time, One Soldier tied to one game key DICE confirms

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Have you ever wanted to “reset” your soldier in Battlefield 3 to unlock ribbons, medals, equipment and other stuff again just like “Prestiging” in Call of Duty? If so, you’re not the only one, but sad to say that won’t be happening in Battlefield 4.

Over on Reddit, a user by the name calm_down_dude posted this concern with the following post:

I’ve always been interested in “resetting” my BF3 soldier so I can start fresh and experience the early unlocks for some of my guns, or maybe just so I can unbind my play style from the weapons I maxed out early on and had difficulty moving away from. I’m wondering if DICE will allow users to register multiple soldiers per account, or allow us to hit the reset button without intentionally getting banned (that was the solution posed to me a year ago on the battlelog forums).

Do you think they should offer something like this for players who enjoy that kind of thing?

Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait long for an answer as DICE and Battlelog developer Darklord7854 replied that it’s not “possible at this time,” and BF4 Soldiers will be tied to one game key still.

Sorry, full resets are not possible at this time, and Soldiers are tied to your game key (1 key == 1 soldier).

Keep in mind that players can “reset” their characters if they’re a BF3 Premium member but all that gets reset are your K/D ratio, Score-per-Minute and Win/Loss ratio.

So, it seems like you still won’t be able to do it in BF4, too. In a future Battlelog update maybe?

What do you Battlefield fans think? Is this a big deal or is resetting your character just to experience unlocks a cheap thrill anyway?

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