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Battlefield 4 celebrates midsummer with its Maypole Easter Egg

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Yet another Easter Egg has been found in Battlefield 4!

Producer DANNYonPC discovered the giant Maypole on the CTE client, and has recorded a cinematic of sorts, featuring various angles of the latest Easter Egg for us all to enjoy.

46 comments on “Battlefield 4 celebrates midsummer with its Maypole Easter Egg

  1. midsommar is a yearly swedish tradition that we celebrate every summer. we
    use that pole and dance around it. if you want to know more, just search
    “midsommar” on google.

  2. Hoppas ni alla haft en grymt bra midsommar, önskar er alla en fortsatt
    trevlig sommar :D

  3. some random pole or something. how is that an easter egg? especially when
    it is so visible?

  4. The song is called små grodorna but it’s instrumental in the video. Små
    grodorna means tiny frogs

  5. Why do I find this so cool? haha. I want this in the game, not only CTE

  6. Its a swedish tradition. the pole represents a penis and the hole in the
    ground is a vagina you dance around it to get a good harvest

  7. This looks to be pointing in the direction of the maps original easter egg
    of the cargo ship.

    Are there more of these on any other maps?

  8. I never in my life seen this maypole on this map goddamn it why you fucking
    with my mind DICE is it because im better then you i can come up with crazy
    creepy easter eggs that would blow someone heart out and make their eyes
    turn inside out and also come up with 13 game modes that was never made
    before and have better maps with animal life and not your ugly day fish
    from cod


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