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Battlefield 4 banned in China, even though EA doesn’t sell it there

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Battlefield-4-China-RisingIt appears as if China has placed a ban on the sale of EA’s Battlefield 4 due to the release of the China Rising DLC pack. In a post on the Chinese website GXDC, writers criticized the game for the lack of reality and the attempts to “discredit China’s national image.” EA has not commented on the ban, but it’s unlikely to hurt them – particularly due to the fact that EA doesn’t sell Battlefield 4 in China to begin with.

It isn’t the first time China has banned game titles, and consoles have been banned for over a decade due to the negative effect they can have on children. Yet, the industry survives with pirated copies of games and grey market machine and console sales.

Posts on GXDC were quick to call for action saying (translated), “We must not only fight with this behavior, but also to actively carry out public diplomacy, highlighting the Chinese culture and build a good image of cultural products, to show the world a better positive image of the country.”

An official copy of the ban has not been made available, but we’ve Google translated some of the more interesting parts of the post from GXDC below for you.

Global release of “Battlefield 4″ game to the Chinese civil war, U.S. aid to the background, which does not match the reality of doping many details to discredit China’s national image. In computer games, television and entertainment programs for the carrier, to promote their own values, to demonize the image of his country’s approach is a new form of cultural aggression. We must not only fight with this behavior, but also to actively carry out public diplomacy, highlighting the Chinese culture and build a good image of cultural products, to show the world a better positive image of the country.

U.S. forces attack Shanghai, China, and the People’s Liberation Army fierce fighting? ! This is not realistic, but the game “Battlefield 4″ in the plot. This is a first-person shooter to 2020, China’s domestic unrest as the background, the U.S. military in order to “fight for peace, defeat the conspiracy,” Chinese downtown, coastal waters and mountains, and the People’s Liberation Army fighting in.

“Battlefield 4″ portrays a negative image of delusion seized power in a coup in Chinese generals, a mix of many profanity, funny text that appears on the tombstone plus game, making the game seem nondescript. Has lived in China for three years after the U.S. players Dauid trial, said: “This game makes me feel the producers still use the old eyes look Chinese, this is untrue.”

Western countries before making war games, mostly setting the imaginary enemy of Russia, but in recent years, with the upgrading of China’s national strength, China threat theory rampant, so foreign companies are increasingly keen to get some games in Sino-US conflict as a gimmick to earn the eye .

China Rising is the first DLC pack for Battlefield 4, with the action taking place on the Chinese mainland after a general in the Chinese army decides to overthrow the government.

Source: WSJ Digits

  • Omni Tokin

    China’s government needs to stop bitching, MAN UP! it’s a fucking video game. As if they don’t have their own video games, movies, tv shows etc. Doing the exact same thing. (Not to mention their hackers who hack the U.S on a daily basis.) C’mon son, STFU.

    • Zarmena

      Interesting view. Could you also shed some light on the US military banning Medal of Honor because you could play as the Taliban? We’ll go with the “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” theme. Awaiting your response.

      • Omni Tokin

        I had both MOH10 & MOHWF and I paid for both of them just fine. So where was it banned?

        • PIRATE or NINJA

          she means the us military banned it from being sold in their on base stores and such. the media made a deal over nothing and the govt caved to a load of BS basically

        • Zarmena

          PIRATE or NINJA said it. The US military banned it from base because it took issue with people playing as the Taliban. The point here isn’t to compare one authority with an entire government. The point is that if China or Russia were to reciprocate by making similar games, I’m sure the US would be upset by it, too. So we can’t really criticize them. I can almost bet money that if Iran made a game about Israel, someone would lose a nut over it.

          • PIRATE or NINJA

            Im might lose a nut if iran made a video game period lol

      • PIRATE or NINJA

        that was bs media garbage. there have been many games that do the samething but they were not slandered in the media so no one cared. if the media causes enough of a stir people beleive it and act on it even if they have the facts 100% wrong.

        • Zarmena

          Precisely. But it’s safe to say that nearly every war-themed game that comes out of the West shows its obsession with China, Russia and lately, the Middle-East.

  • enkoo

    Germany’s been doing that on alot of games for years, and people still can easly get around that ban. Though China might be a whole other story.


    If china is this paranoid about their image then it must be in a very sad sad state already for something like this to cause them so much worry

  • Sexy pepsi

    China men are so insecure about themselves that they only use the talest of them in public and important positions