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Battlefield 4: AGSS-569 submarine spotted in Commander screen, submarines confirmed to be in the game?

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A screenshot of the commander mode main screen has revealed that submarines could well be coming to Battlefield 4 after all. They has been speculation about this for a while but as far as we are aware DICE have not officially confirmed anything.

The screenshot above comes from the latest “Road to Battlefield 4″ and has a list of assetts available to the commander, with one of them being a “AGSS-569,” which is of course a real-life submarine made by the Americans. I’m not sure how the submarines would weigh into the game though. Would they be like the stationary AA guns from Battlefield 3 or could they be a silently moving spawn point that allows soldiers to spawn underwater.

The other possibility is that it circles around the map similar to the Battlefield 3 dropship/airship and allows you to spawn on top of it and take a boat to land or something. I’m personally not bothered what it does, Battlefield 4 is looking amazing and I’d sooner be shooting someone in the face rather than singing “we all live on a yellow submarine.”

Give us your thoughts on what you think the submarine could be used for or how it will be implemented!

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  • Clancy Carr

    Shame it won’t be drivable considering major AAA publishings of late focusing less on fun and more on spectacle of trailers. :(

    • enkoo

      That’s EA for you.

  • AB

    The question should be, “Can we kill it?” ;)