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Basicfield — Get to Grips with Armored Warfare

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Back again with more extensive Battlefield 4 tips, darthveda is today covering armored warfare.

In this epic 17-minute tutorial, you’ll learn all you need to know about fighting as, and against, armor in Battlefield 4.

This video is already boasting an incredible approval rating, so give it a click and enjoy!

28 comments on “Basicfield — Get to Grips with Armored Warfare

  1. Theres been times where I died driving a tank due to me dropping the
    controller because I was laughing so hard whenever someone throws a grenade
    at my tank.

  2. 6:10

    I see you repair wrong.
    After a X amount of second (not sure how many) stop repairing for a second
    and go futher, you don’t have the cooldown :)

  3. I was hoping you would say something about the kind of shells you can use.
    Nevertheless a great Guide!

  4. I ram tanks to flip the over the destroy them. It works best while in the

  5. Could’ve touched on target prioritisation a little, but a solid video here,
    nice work. You’ve earned yourself a sub from me :)

  6. Good points. I slightly disagree about approach towards air vehicles
    though. If the heli/jet is close and/or tries to attack us – sure, fire as
    much as you want. If it’s few hundred meters away though… just give up.
    It’s only giving our position away and provoking the enemy pilot. That
    whooping 2-3% of damage isn’t going to improve anything and you will only
    give your driver a headache with this constant YATATATATATATA.

  7. great job on this. I’ve seen other how to’s by XFactor and others but this
    was a really nice comprehensive discussion. I drive like such shite and
    find that my positioning is what usually gets me in trouble. I end up
    being a gunner to help my driver and team and do well with that..although
    those pesky sandwiches sometimes get by me. Good work.

  8. Even though im a good tank player i found this video really useful,

  9. uhm pixel pls repsond to my comment pls i was planning to buy bf4 but last
    time i play bf3 every time it appcrash due to graphic thingy conflict im
    using msi gt60 onc gaming laptop is this issue already solve in bf4?

  10. yeah! I can finally comment. Just use firefox if you can’t comment anymore

  11. Thanks for making this video. I never knew tanks received more damage from
    behind, I was always aiming for the side of a tank.

  12. This was a very good basic video. Very good indeed. Even for a seasoned
    sunday tankster, it is always healthy to be reminded of all the things you
    know but that you often get too lazy and sloppy to really observe. I know
    I’ve certainly ‘rushed in’ just to regret it bitterly, even though I surely
    know better.
    I really think this video was top-notch, good job! A worthy watch for
    anyone, and a must for the beginner.

    If anything, I would add the two repair tool tips: always repair at
    straight angles, and repair in good-sized bursts instead of giving it the
    full go and having to wait for the repair tool to cool down every time.

  13. +darthveda Very good video bro! I couldn’t have explained it better
    myself. SUBBED

  14. hey guys I got BF4 china rising dlc code for ps4, I want to trade it for
    ps3 games since I dont have ps4.


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