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Assassin’s Creed Unity gameplay demo gives 5-minute look at all new co-op

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This Assassin’s Creed Unity gameplay demo allows a quick look at the all-new cooperative mode.

Play with up to to three friends as you sabotage, sneak and, of course, assassinate!

For more full HD trailers and gameplay from E3 2014, check out our playlist by clicking here!

25 comments on “Assassin’s Creed Unity gameplay demo gives 5-minute look at all new co-op

  1. Finally adding coop! Although I don’t know if I wanted it in the main
    Still though, looks like its gonna be sick.

  2. i wish they keep the interface clean and even remove the halo red or white
    thing around enemies.

  3. Since the minor disappointment with Watch_Dogs I am cautious about hyping
    for this game. But Ubisoft still remains my favorite Publisher, so I gotta
    admit, this is really really awesome! :D

  4. It looks amazing, but damn, its a Ubisoft game, i dont trust them anymore:(
    (thx Watch Dogs …)

  5. I did not get the pirate one, tried it and hated the theme i guess, but
    this looks awesome

  6. Can’t wait for this it looks awesome can’t wait to make some multiplayer
    videos for it . CAN’T WAIT

  7. Coop should be optional in EVERY single player game. Seriously imagine
    skyrim (and no not shitty TESO).

  8. really hyped for this one! hope its not only paris that you are playing in


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