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Alarming number of layoffs hit the gaming industry in 2013

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One of the most unpleasant aspects of reporting video game industry news in this day and age is sharing the news of people losing their jobs. The industry is fast-growing and contributing billions of Dollars to economies in different countries. Yet, it is plagued by constant redundancies.

If you want to know how grim the situation is, take a look at this page. The Game Job Watch website has a list of all “known” layoffs in 2013, and the numbers look pretty alarming. Plenty of established and renowned companies are on the list. In this year alone, more 3112 jobs have been lost, and we’re not even into the fourth quarter of the year yet.

While we don’t know every employee personally, I have no doubt that a lot of those laid off were highly talented. Here’s hoping for a better 2014 and a better management of resouces in the industry.

3 comments on “Alarming number of layoffs hit the gaming industry in 2013

    • Same. Publishers tout how X game has sold X million of units, but we still hear stuff like this on a regular basis. =(


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