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A Battlefield Story — “The Empty Server”

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Join FlipShine as he relays to you a tale of adventure and excitement in his latest Battlefield story!

77 comments on “A Battlefield Story — “The Empty Server”

  1. RUSH in BF4 has been dying for a while. Incompetent map design is a big
    part of it, but the devs focused on what they say is apparently the
    hallmark of BF – 64-player Conquest. Rush was the game mode that I liked
    best in BC2. It went down in BF3 (especially since the launch was so bad my
    friends stopped playing it), and in BF4 it got shoved into a corner.

  2. Ahahahhahahh flipshine you don’t realise how simply funny you are :’) do
    you have twitter bro?

  3. This should be a message to people who hate bf4 just cuz of net code and
    stuff and remind them why they play bf

  4. Empty servers it´s an anoying issue that i´m finding nowadays. Great
    video though!


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